Great Lakes Game Day
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1st Annual 
Great Lakes Game Day



Thursday, April 4th, 2019

3:30 – 9pm

Fanshawe College, St. Thomas Elgin Regional Campus

120 Bill Martyn Parkway, St. Thomas ON

Dinner Provided


1st Annual Great Lakes Game Day

This first-time event has been designed to celebrate the growth of the video game industry in southwestern Ontario, and to support students who are interested in careers in gaming.

On April 4th, eighty students from the ‘Game Design’ program at Fanshawe College in London will be travelling to St. Thomas. The Fanshawe students have designed their own video games, and we are looking for high school students from St. Thomas to play-test the games and vote on which game is the best overall!

This is where things get really interesting: we have just 50 spots for high school students, and the students who are selected will be paid to play video games … that’s right, we are looking for 50 high school students in St. Thomas to be professional gamers for the day! The team at the STEAM Centre in St. Thomas will be coordinating this part of the experience … every student will earn $20 and receive a certificate confirming their status as a ‘professional gamer’ at Great Lakes Game Day. This is a great thing to include on future college or university applications.

With the support of generous local donors, we are excited to collaborate with our friends at Fanshawe College and the STEAM Centre to introduce ‘Great Lakes Game Day’ to St. Thomas and elevate the profile of the gaming industry in our community.
— Andrew Gunn, President of Andrew Gunn Consulting & Owner of young & free press

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